Friday 17 November 2023

Jewish Infantryman with Bow


This is the Jewish Infantryman with Bow that first appeared in the Miniature Figurines 72/73 catalogue as PB 176.

Both PB ranges were based on Phil Barker's books Armies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars and The Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome. This figure is taken from illustration 76 in the first edition of AEIR.

The code numbers for the AEIR range correspond to the illustrations in the book plus '100', i.e. illustration 1 is figure 101. 

The base is numbered PB 176 on the upper surface in the usual manner.

Plainly dressed and carrying his quiver at the hip, this figure could fit into many ancient armies as there is little to mark him out as specifically Jewish. It's a nice unfussy figure in an advancing pose that makes change from the usual Minifigs shooting archer. 

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